• ByCycle Pitch Deck

    Detailed description of ByCycle Working Tool with numbers and links.

  • Ability to create work

    You can be an entrepreneur if you can create some work for yourself and other people.

  • Focus and concentrate

    If you have plenty of free time, then look around and think about what has been terribly wrong with your life.

  • Want not need

    We tend to overuse a verbal construction “I need to” when we could easily use more natural “I want to”.

  • Do what you can

    To handle psychological stress professional athletes keep saying: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

  • Basics of Elementary

    Software design isn't about your inner world. It's about the functionality and convenience for users.

  • Wise cat wisdom

    Everything starts with a good sleep. The earlier we go to sleep the better chances to wake up early as well.

  • Our True Story

    A short but intriguing story about how a multimillion-dollar business was established.

  • Algorithms of work

    A concise overview of the components you utilize to structure your work.