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An ability to personal organization is an important part of any success. Organize yourself before you start organizing others.

This webinar is dedicated to improving organizational skills, raising personal efficiency and overcoming chronic procrastination.

We share practical tips and working models proved by everyday challenges.

As the platform for personal organization, we use ByCycle – free task management software for students and business owners.


Structure of the seminar:

1. What is personal organisation and why is it important.

2. New approach to a Calendar tool.

3. Focus and pay attention.

4. Revolution starts today.

5. Algorithms – game changer & game winner.

6. Think – Plan – Create.



Students, business owners, freelancers and all the people which want to rise personal efficiency and achieve more with less efforts.



Ragnar Sepp – entrepreneur with 12 years of experience. Author of the “Cycle based management method”, creator of the ByCycle (task management tool for small businesses and students).


Tuition Fee:

Workshop is free of charge. You only pay your attention.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that all people were born as free entrepreneurs.

Organise yourself – organise others.

Graduate and start your business.


Social Impact:

If you see value in our seminars and agree with our philosophy, be so kind to share information about our seminars on your social networks. Thank you!



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