Personal organization (feat Chishomyo Munyama)



This webinar is dedicated to improving organizational skills, raising personal efficiency and overcoming chronic procrastination.

We share practical tips and models proved by everyday challenges.

As the platform for personal organization, we use ByCycle – work planning and team collaboration tool for students and business owners.


Introduction of the participant.

Chishomyo Munyama is a computer programmer and indie game developer, founder of Nativity Game Box Studio.

With his project Chishomyo aims to promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship among the youths and to promote skill building and tourism.

Chishomyo Munyama is a computer programmer and indie game developer, founder of Nativity Game Box Studio.

Chishomyo Munyama – the founder of Nativity Game Box Studio.

Nativity Game Box is a burgeoning indie game studio nestled in the heart of Lusaka, Zambia. Company is focused on crafting captivating and interactive gaming experiences, specializes in creating visually stunning games that transport players into immersive worlds.

Company mission is twofold: to ignite a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among Zambia’s youth, and to showcase the rich tapestry of Zambian culture and folklore to the world.


Description of the event:

Workshop consists of theoretical and practical blocks.

In the first part of the workshop, we discuss following topics:

1. Basic cycle: Think / Plan / Create / Record.

What parts of basic cycle are you actually following?

2. Essence of personal organization.

Can you accomplish more with what you have already?

3. Focus and pay attention.

How do you focuse and what are you paying attention to?

4. Algorithms – game changer and game winner.

How do you deal with complex tasks?

5. New approach to calendar tool.

Whar are you using the calendar for?

6. Revolution starts today.

How often do you plan anything on tomorrow?


In the second part we showcase how ByCycle provides simple and elegant solutions for all aspects of everyday work organisation.

As the result of the seminar the participant gets knowledge and skills to rise personal efficiency and improve work organisation.


Duration of the event:

Workshop itself takes about 40-50 minutes of time and the entire event we try to fit into one hour time frame.


Sharing and caring:

The record of the seminar is published on our website and on our YouTube channel.

We also share it on all our social networks accounts.


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Workshop is free of charge. You only pay your attention.

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