WORKSHOP: Efficient task management


Online - Google Meet

The main Goal:

Goal of the event – obtain practical knowledge and skills to improve task management routine and rise efficiency of team cooperation.



Webinar will consist of four steps:

1. Introduction and communication. During this participants briefly share their background and describe main challenges they face in organizing everyday business activity.

2. Working with ByCycle tool. We go through main forms and functions, explain how to use ByCycle in the most efficient way and share handy tips.

3. Common practice. We create a team and cooperate on working with Tasks and advancing with Projects.

4. Questions and Answers. We answer questions and find solutions for practical situations.



The intended  duration of the Webinar is planned to be up to 60 minutes.



The maximum amount of participants at the Workshop is 7 person.

Workshop will be held on a regular basis. So if you missed this one, you can always sign up for the following one.


Why to participate?

Webinar will be useful for you if at least one of the following is true:

1. You are overwhelmed with work and have never enough time.

2. From time to time you forget about some work or miss due date.

3. Sometimes task is completed incorrectly since some part of the job was not done.

4. Communication with team members is inconsistent.

5. You are owner of a small business and you want to have one common environment for team communication and business management.

6. You are employee and you have intention to become entrepreneur. Or. You are entrepreneur and you want to be efficient and grow your business.

7. Smooth user experience is important for you.


Nota Bene!

To have the most use of the Webinar, it is recommended to register with ByCycle Tool beforehand and have some personal experience of working with it. For example, try an “Easy start” algorithm.


Privacy Policy:

Any personal data gathered about participants of the Webinar will be used for market research purposes solely and only.


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