Poverty on Mars

Tell me more about it.

The day when I started to ignore the media was the best day of my life. No more noise about topics I am barely interested in. No more perverted and highly manipulative information to pollute my pure intellect.

Still, I believe there is one thing I would really like to hear more about on an everyday basis. I believe there is an issue which humanity constantly fails to resolve and does its best to ignore.

This issue is poverty. Yes, most of us, monkeys, are still poor in the way that an unstable income allows us to pay only for basic needs.

In the United “the best democracy in the World (c)” States of America – 40 Mln people live on food stamps and 3 Mln people are homeless. Similar situation in Canada with people sleeping on the streets.

And there is one good reason for that. The reason is ROI – Return On Investment.


Return to me what is mine.

The logic is very simple – why would you pay more, if you could pay less, and why would you invest in unprofitable projects, if you could invest in profitable ones. 200 dollars are still 2 times better than 100 dollars. We all know that.

It is a mere question of balance: to pay as little as possible to keep monkeys alive, but still enough to keep them from revolts. We want to get a better ROI and payroll is often the biggest cost. That is why the economies of most countries are built upon poverty. And that is why it is not going to change any time soon. Poverty is the main thing which guarantees good ROI and stability in the entire system.

Big important people invested big important money, and they have their right to get the desirable return. Paying less for human resources means paying more to dear shareholders. It works the same way for any country.


Macroeconomic situation.

If the economy of your country is built upon resources, agriculture or tourism, then overall poverty is the only way to keep it working. Why so? Because a cheap labour force is the main fuel for such industries.

Jobs involved in such economies do not demand high qualifications or any particular set of complex skills. You can easily hire and train new employees. For this purpose, you have a vast market of monkeys which are literally ready to work for rent and food.

Why would you pay more? Why would you pay 500 dollars if there are thousands of people who are ready to work for 100 dollars? So why would you do anything about poverty if it is so beneficial for you?

Of course, the media will tell us that the main reason for small salaries is inflation. That if we increase salaries, we will raise inflation as well.

Well… This kind of statement is a pure and direct lie. Increasing salaries will not raise inflation – since money is already on the market. But dear shareholders will definitely receive less.

There is not a single country which the author visited which is actually built upon entrepreneurship. All countries are built upon big monopolistic capital. They are all built upon unfair competition – corruption. They are all built upon poverty.


What is next?

That is why built around ROI capitalism will never ever solve poverty. Rich influential people will not just refuse money they consider to be their legit income. Since income brings influence. So they keep investing money in politicians, which keep the situation under the control of their sponsors.

Still, we should move on. The time has come. It is time for free entrepreneurship. It is time for a free competition.

Capitalism is an improvement of feudalism, which is a better version of slavery. Thus, capitalism is an updated slavery. We cannot proceed with a slavery-based social model anymore.

Once slave-owners refused slavery and developed feudalism. Then landlords refused feudalism and moved to capitalism. So now it is time for capitalists to give the way to free entrepreneurship.

Or are we going to take poverty with us to the Moon and on Mars?



Modern society is built around poverty. ROI is the reason.