Time to pay attention

Are you spending time or are you paying attention?

It is a provocative question that makes you to challenge yourself to grasp what an effective time management routine entails.


Mysterious Time

Nowadays, we understand almost everything about “time”. We do not only understand what is the past, the present and the future.

A wise man once said: “I totally understand time, till the moment I need to explain it to somebody”.

In other words, the scientific explanation of time still does not exist. “The past” is basically our memory. “The future” is our intentions. “The present” is in constant change.

So should we use an illusionary “time” concept as an element of actual business procedures, or should we better apply a more realistic category?



In ByCycle, we want to be functional and practical. And we do not know how it is possible to manage something, nobody understands anything about it. And nobody knows if it even exists.

So, instead of “time”, we use attention.

Instead of “spending time”, we use paying attention.

And instead of “time management”, we use attention control.

A simple change of wording brings a massive shift in attitude and brings enormous improvement in results.

You wake up in the morning and you choose what to pay attention to: media, social networks, short videos, television OR to your real life matters.


Investing attention

Time is cheap and belongs to nobody. But your attention is all yours. And you are totally able to control it.

Attention is our universal currency, which we started to use as a means of payment long before any fiat or crypto stuff.

Time is not money, your attention is.

You can burn your attention for nothing on some meaningless activities which will never bring you any return. Or you can start investing your attention into life-changing events.

The choice is all yours.



In ByCycle, you pay attention to your actual life matters.

Which is a smart thing to do. Nothing will happen in your life if you would keep living other peoples lives.

Give ByCycle a try, and see how it works for you.

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