Our True Story

A journey of a thousands kilometres begins with a single step.

This is the legend of how the awesome software for task management was designed and created.


In the beginning was the word.

Somewhere in the spring of 2012, just 3 months before Euro 2012 started, the author of ByCycle Working Tool came up with an idea that any business activity goes in cycles.

That life is more of a Formula One racing than Paris–Dakar Rally. He even wrote a copyright-protected book on this topic with the name: The Team of Masters.

In this fundamental writing, the author postulated the main principles of how and by which means each and every business activity should be performed.

(Spoiler: it should be performed by cycles.)


They met on the Hill of Storms.

After a while, the author started a law firm in Estonia. He successfully applied his ideas and business was blossoming. More and more people got to know about this law firm and many of them became its clients.

And it happened to be, that one of his clients was a software developer, a PhD in IT science and the owner of a huge software development company.

So, they met in the May of 2019 on the 23rd floor of the Tornimäe Business Center in Tallinn and the author shared his vision and showed some visuals.


ByCycle is the One.

It should be a web application, said the developer. Well, we use Excel forms to manage our tasks, said the author. Let’s take them as the basis for our application design.

That is how ByCycle appeared to be the one and unique software totally 100% designed in Excel.

This is our very true and very short story.



ByCycle is easy to learn, simple to use and highly efficient software. It is also very beautiful and smart.

ByCycle does help to keep the chaos under control, communicate with the team and have your work done.

Give ByCycle a try, and see how it works for you.

NB! Use browser version for registration. Mobile version is under development.

Our office in Tallinn, on the 23rd floor of Tornimäe Business Center