Practical time management

Volume of productivity depends on resources you can use for production.


No rush in Estonia.

In Estonia people like to say: “aeg on”, which means “there is always time“. No rush, no hurry. It works nicely till you start your business, become self-employed or get involved in any kind of overwhelming endeavour.

In other words, there is always time till the moment you realise, that you do not have any time at all. That you are constantly behind your schedule.

And at some point you even start to believe, that it is technically impossible to keep your tasks completed within due dates.

So, let’s be realistic and practical. Let us understand, how much time is it over-there.


The life of 24 hours.

Someone could say that the entire life is upfront us. And still, there is always a client, with an urgent complicated request to be finished by this particular date. Which is last Monday. And today is Friday…

Somehow our life works in cycles. Spring, summer, fall, winter and spring again. Morning, day, evening, night, morning… You see the pattern, right?

So basically, despite all the progress with body-hacking and immortality research, the time, we actually have and can practically use, is one full day.

Which is exactly 24 hours. Now we get realistic.


720 minutes sounds like a lot.

From 24 hours we tend to sleep around 8 hours, which brings us down to 16 hours. Sometimes we eat, drive, use bathroom, do groceries and stuff. Minus at least 4 hours.

Well, 12 hours it is then. Or 720 minutes total. This is your entire resource you can use for any thoughtful activity. Upon the condition that you can work as a tractor. Now we get practical.


How to deal with time you do not have.

In the morning you wake up and the first thing you want to realise is that 16 hours is the only life you live.

16 hours is the only life you live.

How to live this life – it is all up to your choice.

Just do it wisely – you will never have enough of that.



In ByCycle, we understand the value of your attention.

Each additional click, scroll or pointing is an unnecessary work. So we reduced interactions with the system to the minimal possible level.

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It is not only what you do, it is also what you avoid doing.