Dead wasteland of Internet

Has the Internet been dead already? The Internet was meant to increase work productivity and improve team communication. But now the Internet feels like one of the main factors holding us back.


Things which destroy attention.

Just recently I have started to detect that there is nowhere to go on the Internet anymore. By a mere habit, I take my phone, open my browser and … I do not know where to go next.

Since the Internet is full of empty content with no value.

Social networks are mostly about bragging and advertising. The media is just pumping highly manipulative, perverted propaganda (direct lie in simple words). Watching movies is a pure waste of time. As well as playing online games. Video services are filled with low-intelligent, brain-softening content.

So the modern Internet looks like when you are in a duty-free shop trying to figure out which booze to choose and suddenly realizing that you quit drinking 4 years ago. You also do not smoke and disrespect sweets. Then why did you come here? Just in case…


Improve personal productivity.

It is important to stay focused on things which do matter in our lives. So I drew a list of Internet resources worth my attention.

1. E-mail & WhatsApp – they are my main communication channels. I visit every day to maintain meaningful connections.

2. ByCycle – the place where I keep all my work, keep a calendar and communicate with teammates. The site where real life happens. Visit every day.

3. Google Drive – cloud service to keep important documents. Despite the fact of how deeply I disrespect the UX/UI of all Google products, Google Drive still manages to be better than the failed services of Microsoft and Apple. Visit several times a week.

4. Linkedin – a mostly meaningless clone of Facebook (which is a clone of Twitter, which is a clone of Mastodon, which is a clone of Linkedin), I still use it to inform people about ByCycle and share some thoughts which I consider to be valuable for public knowledge. Visit 2-3 times per week.

5. YouTube – entertainment and procrastination channel, where I am desperately trying to persuade myself that it still has some value. And also using for promotion purposes. Visit more often than I should.

6. Different sites with specific practical services, like Wikipedia, DeepL, Grammar, Drawio, booking sites, online banks and so on. Visit occasionally upon a need.

All other well-known places are basically black holes as described above – they suck in all your energy and attention, but never return a single photon of value. So I successfully ignore them.


Efficient tool to overcome procrastination.

I believe we have such an unpleasant situation with the Internet, since it reflects our major attitude: as much entertainment as possible with the least effort.

When you realize that 95% of the Internet is just an annoying noise, focusing your attention on a list of particular websites really helps to keep tempo and work purposefully.

Thus, ByCycle is my humble contribution to bring some value and meaning to the Internet. To let people focus on their real lives and stay present in the moment of now.


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