The Inner Engine

When someone claims you can do anything, it’s not a direct lie, but it’s certainly an obvious exaggeration.

The extent of your abilities depends on your inner capacities. Or in other words on your inner engine – the key factor of business success.


What is the inner engine?

The inner engine can be defined as an individual’s drive, the innate desire to accomplish tasks consistently. It represents the internal ability to generate willpower and to channel it towards intended goals.

Some might argue that the inner engine is synonymous with productivity — the rate at which one produces results at a given time. However, it’s crucial to distinguish between these terms.

The inner engine is subjective, defining a person’s ability to stay focused and work consistently. Productivity, on the other hand, is the objective measure of what was accomplished, such as the tasks completed in a day.

In essence, the inner engine influences productivity. Without any inner engine, there would be no productivity — a normally productive person might just be sitting on a couch, sipping beer, and watching TV.

To illustrate, productivity describes how much you run on a treadmill, while your inner engine is what motivates you to go to the gym in the first place.


Why is the inner engine important?

Everyone possesses their own inner engine, which operates differently for each individual. Some people are highly engaging, squeezing as much as possible into each day. While others have more of a passive attitude, preferring to scroll through social media rather than engage in meaningful activities.

For an average person which is not dealing with any significant challenges, the concept of the inner engine may not be that critical. However, for entrepreneurs, the capacity of their inner engine defines overall business success. A weak inner engine can hinder focus and the ability to work towards goals, impacting business prospects negatively.

If you want to develop your business, you must first develop yourself. And your inner engine is the main object to pay attention to.


How the inner engine works.

You wake up in the morning, do some morning routine, adjust your plans for today and start making some progress towards your goals. Then your inner engine works.

If you wake up in the morning and you are not sure what you are going to do today and how you are going to fill up the day and what to pay attention to, then your inner engine does not work.

Let’s imagine you want to keep yourself in an athletic shape. When your inner engine is working, then you go to the gym today. If it is not working, then you go to the gym “tomorrow”.

So it would be fair to say that the inner engine has something to do with your focus and your general attitude to life.

We like to think big about ourselves and draw ambitious illusions in our imagination.

Still, without a working inner engine, all our plans and projects will remain illusory. Since we will never generate enough willpower to take tangible steps toward achieving them.


Practical tips on the inner engine.

Good news is that as almost everything in a human existence, the inner engine is an ability which can be developed and grown. There are some practical tips on how to increase the power output of your inner engine.

1. The 16-hour rule. Nothing destroys your inner engine heavier than the idea that everything can be done tomorrow. Understanding that 16 hours is all you have and this is the only amount of life you actually live, encourages you to bring more meaningful activities into the current day. Instead of scrolling social media, you start to plan and work towards achieving your goals.

2. Stay focused and concentrated. If you care a lot about something which have no connection to your life, like short videos, news treads, or some sports team performance, you basically take energy away from your inner engine and literally waste it. Instead, you can focus on your goals and use this energy for achieving them.

3. Set a daily regime. Chaotic lifestyle leads to chaotic behavior and chaotic activities. What is chaos? Chaos is the order we do not understand.

And it is obvious that, under such circumstances, your willpower to pursue particular goals will diminish quite easily. A structured day allows your inner engine to work consistently. Sleeping is the crucial part of any daily regime.

4. Be humble with food. Overeating, particularly in response to a stress, puts unnecessary pressure on your body. And body is a battery which supplies energy. Avoiding food excess saves energy for the inner engine and allows it to generate more willpower. Just because you do want to perform on a high level.


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the inner engine is your capacity to act on the edge of your abilities