ByCycle Pitch Deck

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Graduate and start a business. Be efficient and successful.




ByCycle Working Tool is an online application for work management and team coordination .

It is designed for owners of small businesses and students with the primary goal of increasing their efficiency and success rate.

ByCycle provides functionality of Calendar, Works List, Team Chat, Notepad and Time Report.

Our ultimate goal is to create the all-in-one solution for starting and managing small business.



Quick market review.

Analysis of current task management applications in 2023 shows that the total number of active users can be estimated at 200 million people.

The average monthly price per user is approximately 8 USD, making the current annual market volume as high as 19.2 billion USD.

The latest research on the number of Internet users estimates that there are about 5.3 billion Internet users worldwide. Approximately 28% or around 1.48 billion people claim to use the Internet for organizing day-to-day activities.

Market potential & problematic.

This suggests a significant demand for an efficient easy to use task management tool. 1.48 billion people is the number of potential users which would use task management tools, if they would be simple to work with.

However, existing applications have excessively complicated UX/UI and are challenging to integrate. They offer confusing user interfaces while providing only limited functionality.

This complexity deters many potential customers, who then opt for simpler but less efficient work organising routines.

Comparison Table:

Key data and available functionality of major task management applications.



1. Efficient workload distribution.

ByCycle designed in the way to allow company management to track the actual workload of their employees.

This is achieved via informative Calendar tool and the work status functionality.

With ByCycle a business owner can always see what an employee is doing during working hours and what is its current workload.

2. Focused work organisation.

It is not possible to deal with two or more tasks simultaneously. ByCycle main routine is to focus a user on its most important work.

For this purpose we provide functionality of statuses and Weekly Plan.

This allows to accomplish tasks in step-by-step mode and to avoid psychological pressure of being “overwhelmed with work”. Which could be particularly useful for students.

3. Optimised workflow.

Task management is a work on its own, which does not generate revenue. And therefore it is a pure cost for a company.

The more time and efforts it is spent on task management, the higher are losses for a business.

ByCycle is developed in the way to minimise interactions with system, providing the lowest click-per-action ratio on the market.

4. Joyful user experience.

Working with business software should be full of joy and satisfaction.

Joyful user experience is a key point for efficient work organisation. It rises motivation of people to use software and to follow company standards.

ByCycle designed upon standards of gaming industry, thus working with ByCycle it is like playing a video game.




ByCycle has two subscription plans:

monthly (12 USD / per user)

annual (96 USD / per user).

Our break-even point is estimated to be passed at the level of 4,000 paying users.

We aim to achieve this result within the first year of active promotion.



We inform potential users about ByCycle upon the following channels:

1. SEO of our site:

2. Development and promotion of Youtube Channel: ByCycle Working Tool

3. Paid advertisements: Google Adds, Youtube, Linkedin campaigns.

4. Direct approach to small business owners (including freelancers).

5. Cooperation with universities.

6. Webinars and online workshops.

At least 60% of net revenue will be directed into further marketing and promotion.



The plan is clear and simple:

February 2024 – Finalising development of the Tool.

December 2024 – Reaching threshold of 4’000 paying users.

January 2025 – Developing mobile version.

February 2025 – Introducing common marketplace.

2025 – Implementing AI-supported messenger.

2025 – Implementing CRM & accounting module.

2025 – Implementing team management module.



The ultimate goal is to become the all-in-one solution for creating and managing small sized companies.

Increase the rate of success for small businesses;

Encourage students to start their own business;

Bring new culture of user-experience into the business-software industry.

We believe it will improve the quality of life and rise standards of living all over the World.