Becoming an entrepreneur

Let’s imagine you are an employee, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.

Maybe you have an outstanding idea. Maybe you know something or can do something, and you assume that there are people ready to pay for your knowledge and skills.


Business Model.

What should you start with? With a business model, of course.

The model of how to produce value, how to inform some specific categories of people about this value and how to get paid for the value you delivered.

At this point, the situation gets complicated. Very complicated.


1. You actually do not understand your actual value.

2. You do not know what is the efficient way to communicate your value to the “specific people”.

3. You never know how many people are there, which would pay for this value.

4. And you barely understand which price would be considered as fair (or competitive) for such kind of value.


The Real Truth.

The truth is, that you almost always start from nothing. Meaning, you will spend a considerable amount of money, attention and energy, before you even understand what your business model is and start building it.

You will be burning your vital resources in a situation where you actually do not know if your idea is even going to work. And if you are going to get enough income to cover expenses plus return from the initial investment.


Black Hole Paradox.

Starting something new – it is like throwing a whole bunch of valuables into a black hole, having nothing but hope that you will receive something back. The bigger the project is, the bigger and deeper this black hole appears to be.

So the question is simple – will you be able to get enough return before you run out of resources and get back to the labour market selling your life for money.

The paradox is that you do not ask yourself how much you want to earn from your business endeavour.

You ask yourself how much you are ready to burn and get nothing in return.


Life is Unfair.

As you can see, becoming an entrepreneur is not much about motivation, inspiration and believing in yourself. It is about your ability to work under pressure in the position of a total obscurity.

Besides that, modern capitalism works in a way to promote big capital and to suppress small, local entrepreneurship. So nobody will help you, unless someone can earn money on you.

Before you start any business activity, get some basic ideas straight: you are on your own and you are the only one to rely upon.

If you want some help or assistance – be ready to pay for it. Yes, it is unfair.

At least from your point of view.


The Good News: self-organization.

The good news is, that your ability to work in darkness and under pressure is a skill which you can develop and grow.

Self-organisation is the key.

As only you create the habit of setting up tasks and getting them done, you create the engine to move toward your bigger objectives. Obscurity becomes categorised and pressure becomes portioned.

You become able to beat chaos with order.

The more reliable your inner engine is, the steadier your performance is and the higher are your chances of getting a desirable return.


ByCycle Working Tool.

In ByCycle, all your efforts are organised in a very simple, ergonomic way.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then the ByCycle task management tool is a must have.

Just give it a try, and see how it works for you.

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