Algorithms of work

While starting a business you will definitely try to organise the work around your venture.

In this case you will need to understand how project management for small companies works.



What is a TASK? It is an activity to achieve some result. Any planned effort to get stuff done.

For example, cleaning apartment or drafting a contract would be a Task.

Task consists of small actions, performing which you achieve a result. We call them Algorithm. When you are cleaning your apartment, then watering plants, dusting, arranging dishes – they all will be steps of an algorithm.

Our experience shows: when you divide a Task (especially a recurring one) into steps (Algorithm), it considerably simplifies the work and raises productivity.



When a Task is big and involves different Tasks, it becomes a PROJECT. Each Project consists of a bunch of Tasks organised in some way to achieve an even bigger result.

For example, renovating your apartment or creating a website would be a Project already. It consists of different Tasks with different results, which happen at different time periods and have different execution routines.


Meetings and Events

If a Task needs to happen at some exact time or during some specific period and involves interactions with other people – then it’s a Meeting or an EVENT.

Meeting is a short-term task, when you meet other people to coordinate and discuss important questions. Event is an occurrence involving some considerable efforts to organize or to participate in.

From the sport perspective, your regular training would be a meeting. And a tournament would be an event of your life.

Going for a date would be a meeting. And a marriage ceremony would be an event.



And basically that’s it.

TASKS, MEETINGS, PROJECTS and EVENTS. These are all the elements you are dealing with while organizing your and other people work.

Every Task is easier to complete if it is organized in steps as an algorithm. And if the point of the task is to meet other people, then it is a Meeting.

Events just happen around and ByCycle helps you to keep them all in the one place and help with preparations.

Project is such a big task, that it involves other tasks to be completed to achieve the intended result.



In ByCycle, all your efforts are organised in a very simple, ergonomic way.

It does help to keep the chaos under control, communicate with the team and have your work done.

Give ByCycle a try, and see how it works for you.

NB! Use browser version for registration. Mobile version is under development.

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