Ability to create work

Starting new business and stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship is no easy feat.

Beyond having a quality product or service and a steady client base, there’s a crucial skill you must possess. Let’s delve into this essential ability briefly.


Task management for employees

An employee gets all its work assigned by a third person. And this third person also controls if everything is done correctly.

Without the assistance of a third person, an employee most probably would just be sitting quietly looking at the wall.

Looking at the wall on Facebook or Linkedin. Or whatever meaningless piece of social network is available at the time.


Small business task management

On the other hand, an entrepreneur acts upon his/her free will.

There is no-one to come, shine and tell her/him what to do. It is all the entrepreneur alone who makes things rolling. Who pushes stuff forward and shows how it’s done.

An entrepreneur creates tasks from nothing and then makes efforts to do the best he/she can to accomplish these tasks.


Push the tempo

To be successful, an entrepreneur should feel the tempo and hold the tempo.

What is the tempo? It is the amount of tasks resolved per unit of time. Let’s say per day or per week.

The question is, how many tasks can you efficiently complete in a day or in a week? It will be your tempo.

The higher is the tempo, the higher are your chances of creating and maintaining a sustainable business.


When you run out of work

And what are you doing when “all the work is done”? This question is rhetorical, since you can never have all the work done.

If you do have, then calm down for a moment, enjoy the silence, look around and try to figure out what exactly you have forgotten to do.

Perhaps some of your plans are awaiting attention. Maybe there’s an opportunity for improvement or bringing things into order. Consider delving into learning more about your customers or conducting some market research.

So it is literally impossible to have no work.

There is always something to do out there. You will see it as only you focus and concentrate a little bit.


More work for employees

And the more work you accomplish, the more work you create. Just at some point, you start to assign this work to other people.

To people who have not yet developed the ability to create and complete tasks on their own.

To your employees. Since they need you to create work for themselves.


The best software for a small company

We designed ByCycle with the idea of simplifying the creation of new work.

It goes the following way: click – text – click. Cannot be simpler than that.

And we already know how to simplify it further. This functionality is soon to come.

Try ByCycle and see how it works for you.

NB! Use browser version for registration. Mobile version is under development.

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