The choice is yours

Becoming an entrepreneur is an experience anyone should try. The feeling of confidence and freedom it provides, cannot be compared to anything else. Besides that, being an entrepreneur is our natural state of existence.


Who can be an entrepreneur.

No doubt some people are genuine, convinced and legit employees. Some people just like to have limited liabilities, to get a stable income, to skip some stress and to be home earlier. Totally fine. Entrepreneurship is your natural right, not an obligation.

On the other hand, some people like to challenge themselves. They are able to create work and have this work done. They feel they are able to do more and achieve more.

In the very end, the only actual difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is the ability for self-organization. The ability to postulate an idea, transform it into a task and get this task done.

If you have this ability, then you have the inner engine to act as an entrepreneur. If this ability is weak, then well… welcome to the labour market.

And like any other ability, your skill to create and accomplish work can be developed and improved. It all starts with focusing on actual events of your life, on things which really matter – your ideas and projects.


How to start a business.

The business cycle is simple: think – plan – create – think – plan – create…

First, you think about particular people who might use some service or product you could provide. You think about how to get to these particular people and how to let them know about your service or product. You think about how to produce your service or product and how to deliver it to your particular people. You think about how to organize communication around the entire process.

Second, you plan your work. You plan activities to be performed to bring to life the ideas you have been thinking about. You plan tasks and projects – you describe and organize the work you want to be done.

Third, you actually start to do something about what you planned. Every day, every week. You wake up, you check your Weekly Plan in the Calendar, you decide what you want to work with today. And you have things done.

At some point, you receive a clear vision about the work order, about efforts involved, about the cashflow your business activity is capable of generating. And if this cashflow is worth an effort and if it is enough to sustain your business and yourself.

As you see, by following this simple cycle of “think-plan-create” literally everyone can be an entrepreneur. But the choice is all yours. No pressure.


Become an entrepreneur with ByCycle.

So this is what you do. Think about the work you want to accomplish. Organize this work into tasks, events and projects. Choose the work you want to progress with this week. And try to get this work done. Repeat this simple cycle on a weekly basis. It is harder than it sounds…

ByCycle can be of great help as for entrepreneurs so for employees. We consider students to be entrepreneurs – they have a desire to achieve something and do things differently.

Give ByCycle a try, and see how it works for you.

NB! Use the browser version. Our mobile version is under development.

Claim your natural right of being an entrepreneur. The cycle is simple: think - plan - create.