Create content. Do it today

Everything can be described as a kind of content. Food, houses, products, services – they are all forms of content (or value in other words). If you want to be an entrepreneur and start your own business, then creating valuable content is what your day is about.


How to stay focused during the day.

You wake up, you have your legit 16 hours of attention. And you have 2 choices about how to handle the attention you have: or to spend attention on consuming content or to invest attention in creating content.

Morning decides the day and activities you perform after you wake up determine the general flow of the entire day.

If you decide to pay attention to meaningless but highly addictive short videos or reading manipulative news or scrolling through some toxic social media – your day will be made up accordingly. From the very beginning, you put yourself into a consuming mode. And it will be difficult to create something valuable or to be productive today.

It is fine if you are an employee or a human resource or a labour force or a corporative slave. You have your income, your life is settled, and you are actually interested in working less and receiving more. Totally fine. For you as an employee, any kind of consumption or time-wasting is entertaining and fun.

Things work differently for entrepreneurs. Unlike employees, entrepreneurs do not get paid for scrolling on toxic social media or for watching brainless short videos. Meaning that for entrepreneurs, morning should start differently as well.


Work organization for small business.

As an entrepreneur, you are in a state of constant race. You just do not want to spend any little bit of your precious attention on anything which does not provide any practical effect. Your focus is too important for you to lose it on something which does not actually matter.

Content creation is the core idea of entrepreneurship, particularly the one organized in the form of a small business. You, as a founder, as a business owner, started your endeavour since there is some value you can and want to bring to the market. There is some content which other people would like to consume for their personal or business needs.

Meaning that if you or your business do not generate any consumable content, you do not exist as an entrepreneur. And being one is something which creates you as an individual.

So the best thing you could do in the morning is to give food to your beautiful cat, take a shower and generate some content. No stress, no pressure. You actually want to do it, you do not need to. This is why you became an entrepreneur in the first place – there is content you love to create.


Personal organization for students.

As a student, you are actually an entrepreneur, you are definitely not an employee. Your natural abilities for creativity, challenge and exploration are not yet atrophied by employment procedures.

So, for you, it is crucially important to preserve your inner desire to create content and to stay organized. In this case, you have all the chance to proceed with a business venture after graduation.

Starting your own business would be a much harder exercise if you lose yourself in human resources or labour forces of corporative structures. As an employee, you would naturally tend to consume more than you create. And therefore, you will lose your natural skills for entrepreneurship.

Moreover, you are expected to graduate and “find a good job”. Nobody considers you to be an entrepreneur, as we do. For the labour market and HR managers, you are considered to be a low-skilled and low-experienced unit of a labour resource.

The choice is all yours – to become a consumer and proceed on a path settled for you by other people or to go your own way. The way of free entrepreneurship and creation. We are here to help you to set yourself free.


Work organization with ByCycle.

Your life begins in the morning – if you manage to open ByCycle, check the Weekly Plan in Calendar and start working on one particular task – congratulations, you are in content creating mode. You have all the chances to live a meaningful life today.

And if you are able to create content on a regular basis, then you have good self-organizing ability, and you have high chances to succeed with your business endeavour.

In this case, ByCycle can bring a lot of value and a joyful user experience.

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In its core the only two actions you can perform in this world is generating content or consuming content. Generate love.