Focus and concentrate

We already know that our life consists of one day, in which we can effectively use up to 16 hours. This is a very small amount of time and it will never be enough.

If you think you do have enough time, you might be missing something, which fell out of your focus.


Investing attention

If you can afford to pay attention to stuff which has little to nothing to do with your real life, like the media, social networks, movies and online games, then what is your life about?

Maybe it is time to concentrate? To evaluate your personal situation and decide on particular things you want to pay attention to.

Just ask yourself: “What does it give me and what do I receive in return for my attention.”

And if you receive nothing besides some fun and entertainment, then maybe it isn’t worth your attention.

Let’s not forget – our attention is a highly valuable resource. It is like a sort of personal money.

Invest this money wisely.


Real task management

What is always worth your attention – tasks which you set for yourself.

This is real fun. This is the life you create.

Focusing on your tasks means focusing on your real life.

And if you have not set any task, then now it is the best time to start doing it. Since if you do not have any tasks, then what are you going to focus on?


Concentrated focus

In professional sport, the ability of an athlete or a team to stay focused often decides the outcome of a match.

Football coaches like to use such kinds of excuses as: “We lost concentration at some point” or “We couldn’t handle the pre-match excitement” or “We allowed ourselves to make some simple mistakes“. They all mean the same – we were not focused enough and that’s why we lost.

Our regular life is pretty similar to professional sport and works by the same rules.

The truth is simple – life is a race. The earlier you understand that, the further you will get and the higher quality of life you will have.

And it is all based upon your ability to focus and concentrate.



As a task management tool, ByCycle is designed in a way to keep your focus on important things. For this purpose, we use a simple system of statuses, colour differentiation, clear UX/UI.

The Calendar is simplified to the level of an excel table, so you can easily track your everyday activities and see what is happening in your life.

Try ByCycle and see how it works for you.

NB! Use browser version for registration. Mobile version is under development.

If you want to achieve something you gonna focus and concentrate.