Want not need

Paying attention to words can help to get a better understanding of an actual situation you are dealing with.

The best way to overcome procrastination is to understand that you do not have to do anything. You want to.


Meaningful words.

Maybe the only practical value I managed to obtain at my law school is the sensitivity towards words. In the legal industry, each word has its own specific meaning and tonality. In other words, all words are extremely different.

In a situation where a regular person will not see any difference, a lawyer will see a totally other meaning.

Let’s look at a simple example.

“I want to eat something”, so “I need to order some food” or “I have to go to a grocery store.”

Except that I do not need to and I do not have to. It is still “I want to order some food” and “I want to go to a grocery store”. And I want to do all of these things simply because of the fact that I want to eat something.


My free will.

As a lawyer, I see “I want to order some food” and “I need to order some food” as two completely different situations with very different meanings.

When I say “I want to” – it always comes from my free willpower. It is my personal decision whether or not to undertake any action. It is me to create energy and it is me to decide about how to use this energy.

When I say “I have/need to” – it seems like there is some condition, or liability, or obligation, which makes me behave this way. It shows that there was not so much of my choice – I was forced into some particular activity, which I might not wanted to do in the first place.

So “I have to order some food”, sounds like it is my duty to society. Or to my cat.

While “I want to order some food”, sounds like it is my free will.


Overcoming procrastination.

Making the difference between “I want to” and “I have to” will exert a huge impact on your life.

With “have/need to”, we put an illusionary burden on ourselves, which stresses us out from a creative activity. So you might be procrastinating only because you keep saying “I have to”. Since you are a free person and you do not like to feel obliged. Particularly to yourself.

Try to change the wording and use “I want to” more often. And you will see that in most situations you will feel a sort of relief and even a motivation to undertake an action.

Since now it is not some external power to suppress you with obligations, it is your personal desire to have something accomplished.



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And then you add the work you want to accomplish this week to the Weekly Plan.

It will help you to stay motivated and focused – you created some work, which you wanted to do and now you will have it done.

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