Wise cat wisdom

Good sleep is a powerful tool to stay focused during the day.

This is the way to increase your productivity and achieve better performance.


Neuroscience of a good sleep

There is a neuroscience, stating that time around 22:00 – 23:00 is the best to start a deep sweet rejuvenating sleep. It is connected to brain rhythms and cellular chemistry.

Doctors advise to be in bed 30 min before you want to fall asleep. You can use this time to calm down, think about events of a day, maybe do some relaxing breath-work.

Smartphone should be sleeping in another room.

Your cats should be sleeping with you or wherever they want to.


Sleeping order

From our experience, we would notice that early productive start of a day provides a good inner feeling – while everyone is just getting into the day, you have already accomplished something.

Practice shows, that having some fixed sleeping / wake up time works the best. Nobody takes it seriously, but you should. It creates a habit for a body and makes it easier to keep yourself in order.

Order in sleep – order in life.



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Sleeping is the most efficient way to boost productivity.